Admission: starting the journey to wellness

It’s hard to take a first step, but once you’ve done it, the other steps in the journey to wellness will be easier!

We aim to make the InTake Process as comfortable as possible: both simple and smooth. Please know that all information we gather is entirely for the purpose of crafting a unique program that will work for you – absolutely everything you tell us — whether by email, online form, or by telephone — is held in strictest confidence. 

Call now for a free, confidential Discovery Call where we’ll discuss how Susumai House can help you. We’ll then set up a time for a more detailed meeting (a Consultation) where we’ll gather the information we’ll need to work with you. We can conduct that meeting in your home (depending on your location), online, or by telephone.

Once we all determine whether ours is the correct treatment facility for you, we can make the arrangements to get treatment started. That includes a discussion on costs, payment and travel arrangements, and what you should pack to ensure your stay at Susumai House is comfortable and effective.

Your own positive
future begins in
this moment.
All you have is
right now.
Every goal is
possible from
– Lao Tzu

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