Information for Treatment Professionals

The goal for our clients is success: lasting, permanent recovery from chronic depression. We want to resolve their symptoms of depression and prevent repeated relapses – just as you do.  

We would be honoured to accept your referred clients, keeping in touch with you about suggested treatment and your referrant’s responses to that treatment. 

You can trust us to:

  • Practice treatment methods proven effective by medical, clinical, and academic research

  • Ensure that patients coming from an acute care facility are transitioned safely and supported by a registered nurse in our facility

  • Submit a report to the client’s GP on the outcome of treatment

  • Coordinate a successful transition from our care to their home

  • Cultivate peer groups that help your referrant build healthy friendships and learn to trust others for support in recovery

To refer a client to us, please complete form. We can work with you for a smooth InTake Process.

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