Taking the step of checking into a residential program is a huge leap of faith: you are putting aside other commitments to take care of yourself because you need to get your life back. Stephanie, the Susumai House Clinical Director, has improved lives of people in addiction centres, in shelters for abused women, and her programs are also trusted by the many health care provessionals she has managed. Here are just some of the statements given in support of Stephanie’s programs:

“For the first time, my son said “it could work” after a therapy session. He has never been hopeful before. We came to Stephanie because someone recommended her. After just three session, I would be happy to recommend her to anyone. “

– Rob R.,  son is 22

“I had a life threatening complication at the end of my pregnancy and while I was ill my husband left. I was still in the hospital! When I got home I found he’d got us evicted. My baby was still in the hospital as she was premature. I didn’t know where to start. Thank God for Stephanie – she helped me put one foot in front of the other so that I could get back on track and she helped me figure out what supports I needed and how to get them. I highly, highly recommend her!”

– Susan L., 26

“Everything fell apart, and I had nobody. Plus I lived in a rural area, the only black woman in town. Alone on acres and acres of land with three young kids. I connected with Stephanie in a way I could not with other, previous therapists in this small town. She got my isolation included cultural stuff: I could work with her. I was in a seriously bad spot and she helped me face up to the deep mess I was in, helped me tap into my strength and was with me as I fought so hard to get my s**t back together. Today I own my own house again and my kids are healthy and happy, with lots of friends. I don’t know how I would have got through it all without her. I remain forever grateful and so lucky to have found her.”

– Ann C., 52

“Stephanie is your loudest cheerleader, motivator, and she really cares.”

 – Mary, 26

“She made me the woman I am. Stephanie really cares about people, she cared about me when I didn’t care. I just wanted to sleep forever, just to be out. Going to see Stephanie saved my life.”

– Jennifer B., 54

“When my son was assaulted, I had to stay strong but I ended up losing my job because I couldn’t focus. Stephanie helped me get it together again. I felt like everyone blamed me – especially me! Also, I felt like I shouldn’t be the one falling apart. I’m working part-time for a while and taking care of my family. We are all doing much better. We’ll be alright. Thank you, for helping my whole family, Stephanie.”

 – Brampton, 24

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